Overwhelmed by MIPS

Overwhelmed by MIPS


Many of our clients found the MIPS incentive program overwhelming and confusing when trying to understand its impact on their physicians and their practice. Many were willing to throw in the towel and not participate in the program, subjecting themselves to a negative payment adjustment, because of the daunting task of trying to make sense of yet another government program.


KO Consulting engaged with these clients explaining and demystifying MIPS and teaching them how to achieve success in the program. These clients underwent a series of on-site visits with our consultants to assess current workflows and implement necessary changes. They were given regular progress reports complete with detailed walkthroughs of their results and dedicated access to MIPS email/phone support to further assess and monitor their status throughout the reporting period. Finally, KO Consulting scrubbed and submitted the MIPS data to CMS on their behalf.


We helped all KO Consulting clients eligible for MIPS reporting either avoid a penalty or achieve a positive payment adjustment for reporting year 2017. Each practice we assisted for MIPS 2017 has signed up for our assistance with MIPS 2018!